Sunday, May 12, 2013

"Buy Handmade", not "Steal Handmade" - About stolen brooches, pizza and Suetonius ;)

IMPORTANT! Yesterday in Sanremo the light blue brooche you can see in the photo has been stolen.

It's a new line in my production and it was the first time I was showing it, and like every CartEssenza's work it's signed on the back; so, if you are here cause you received it as a gift, just know it has been stolen.
If you are here cause you stole it, on the other hand, I inform you that the price was only 12 euro, so you own me a pizza+beer, and that I take as a compliment the fact you risked to be caught to have it.
Obviously I warmly discourage stealing and for some minutes I hoped that the Emperor Caligula was still alive (if you don't know what he done to thiefs, go to read Suetonius, it will not hurt you)...sorry about that, couldn't help it! ;)

"Buy Handmade", not "Steal Handmade"!
Leggi il post in italiano!

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