Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Article on "Handmade in Italy" and video "L'artigianato è ancora..."

Hello everyone!
I'm very happy to inform about two news related to CartEssenza :)

Some days ago on "Handmade in Italy" has been published an article about handmade and ecosustainability, in which is featured my work too:

You can read it at this link: "Quando l’handmade è eco sostenibile" da HandmadeInItaly del 6/10/2014

I'm also part of the creatives featured in the video "L'artigianato è ancora...", wanted and created by Claudia Di Mario of Formae Mentis Ceramica to promote handmade and to remind everyone that behind every work there's a person putting in it time, skills and talent  :)

A giant "thank you" to Claudia for the beautiful ideas and to involve me in both of them! ♥
Leggi il post in italiano!

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