Monday, July 30, 2012

Papier machè celto-ligure Bracelet ♥

Dear friends of CartEssenza project,
I would like to start saying thank you to you all for the warmness with which my ring "The Way To Your Heart" for Bijoux d'Autore 2012 has been welcomed; I wish this work to be the new starting of my activity at it's best :)

To prove this, in these days of silence I worked on new creations, between which I present you this new kind of bracelet, inspired by the history of my beautiful region, Liguria:

As you know CartEssenza takes a lot of inspiration from past's art, and in this case the design went to match to another creation I made on commission for my friend Donatella: the celto-ligure bowl, inspired by her love for archaeology and of our friendship, born precisely on an archaeological excavation <3

Who knows if my friend will even like the bracelet version? ;)

I remind you that all CartEssenza's creations are made with papier maché and recovery materials, hand painted and signed, and protected from water and time with resin :)

Bye to all, see you soon!
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Friday, July 13, 2012

CartEssenza at Bijoux d'Autore 2012!

Hello everybody,

I proudly announce CartEssenza's participation to the 4th Edition of the International Contest "Bijoux d'Autore", organized by the Cultural Association "Incontri e Eventi".

The work I present, expressly created for the event, is the ring "The way to your heart", realized in papier machè, metal wire, acrylic paints and resin.

Thanks to Artiva Design for the help with some of the photographs :)

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