Wednesday, March 27, 2013

CartEssenza around! - PHOTOS: new CartEssenza's stand at Carrousel (Milan) - Create a recycle and recovery stand

Like all creatives I'm easily bored, and so was some time that I was wondering on the idea of changing CartEssenza's stand: in fact my bijoux lines, in the meanwhile, evolved, and I worked on packaging too (I'll talk about this in the future), so dark colours and disposition I choosed as first was not anymore good for what I want to spread to the public. So I took the occasion of being at Carrousel in Milan last sunday to give a new image to my stand.

I only needed some ideas and a bit of luck, and new furnitures appeared on my table: in this photo you can see a fantastic little furniture I found in a little used things market; it's perfect to keep all CartEssenza's brooches, don't you think?

New CartEssenza's stand dedicated to recycle and recovery!
Then the bit of luck I talked you about: put the chance of walk under your home and see near trash bins two little abandoned wood shutters.You don't know what to do with them yet, but you feel you have to take them with you...then, while you have them under your arm to take them home, suddenly you think you can transform them in a beautiful display for earrings.
And so, with a little help from my Dad (that I thank again!), here it is!
CartEssenza's earrings in position, a little lamp to highlight them, and it's done :)

The earrings' display created recycling two little shutters found on the streets
Last, but not least, news, here there are the necklaces' displays made with recycled cardboard. Thanks to the nice tobacco shopkeeper under my house that kept for me some packaging boxes and a bit of imagination, I made some perfect and eco-friendly displays for CartEssenza's necklaces.
Obviously I couldn't resist to cover them with newspaper ;)

Displays created from recycled cardboard boxes and necklaces, necklaces, necklaces!
I leave you with this photo, explanatory of the crazy mood during the expedition to Milan for the event: tired and with few hours of sleep at our back, but surely in a good humour. Thank you Rosanna! ;)

I wait for you at the next Carrousel dates in Milan, hopefully this time without torrential rain! ;)

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

A matter of Pink! - PINK#2 necklace and matching earrings

Collana OOAK paper maché and recovery materials necklace
with matching "I Tondi" earrings
 ...enjoy! ♥
Copyright © 2013 - "CartEssenza" Emanuela Mae Agrini - All rights reserved
Copyright © 2013 - "CartEssenza" Emanuela Mae Agrini - All rights reserved
Copyright © 2013 - "CartEssenza" Emanuela Mae Agrini - All rights reserved

You'll find these and other new CartEssenza's works Sunday, 24th March at Carrousel - Les Ateliers + Le Marché in Cascina Cuccagna - Milan!

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Monday, March 18, 2013

CartEssenza @ Carrousel - Les Ateliers + Le Marché in Cascina Cuccagna (Milano)

Sunday, 24th March 2013, CartEssenza will take part with with a stand at the event Carrousel - Les Ateliers + Le Marché c/o the beautiful Cascina Cuccagna in Milan, here all the infos :)

Sunday 24th March
Carrousel - Les Ateliers + Le Marché
c/o Cascina Cuccagna 
Via Cuccagna 2/4
Corner Via Muratori - Milano
(M3 Lodi TIBB/Porta Romana - Filobus 90, 91, 92) 
Orario: 10,30 - 20,30

The event will be in three different dates: March, 24th - April, 21th - May, 26th

For more infos:
Le Carrousel Blog
Official Event on Facebook

I wait for you all! :)
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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New CartEssenza's shop on Etsy, take a look! :)

I announced it and finally I done it: from yesterday you can find CartEssenza's new online shop on, the biggest international shopping platform dedicated to handmade :)

You can find my shop at this link:

CartEssenza on Etsy

To celebrate the opening I added two new items:

1) Earrings "Bottoni" 2x2 cm

2) Papier maché necklace "Earth" - "I Tondi" line - OOAK

I wait for you in my shop! :)
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Monday, March 4, 2013

Interview on La Mandragola's Creative Cafè

Thanks to "La Mandragola" for writing about my project, I'm really happy of being featured on her blog; take a look to her creations also cause they're really good! :)

Here you can read my interview: Creative Cafè - CartEssenza

La Mandragola - Blog
La Mandragola - Facebook Page
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