Friday, August 24, 2012

Irish Inspirations/4: Flowers - Belfast Botanic Gardens

Everything can be source of inspiration and in this month I learnt that nature infinitely is: shapes, colors, smells, emotions...all this become a part of the images we take with us. A new work can be inspired even by an ambient, by a sensation. So a normal walk can become a sea of cues that only wait to be organized, visualized, transformed in material and art.
A lot of cues and sensations are exactly what I'll take home with me from Belfast Botanic Gardens: the vivid green of the park broken from the thousands colours of flowers, from the infinite shades held in every little bush. And my being continously surprised from perfect colours of nature, from which we have to learn every day more.

Wikipedia: Botanic Gardens Belfast
Botanic Gardens and Palm House Belfast
Virtual visit: Botanical Gardens Belfast

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