Thursday, December 19, 2013

[SHOP] CartEssenza at "Ideando da a mersâ"

As I promised some days ago, there are other news from CartEssenza!
"Nemo propheta in patria" is the saying...but in this case it's wrong: you can finally find my works even in my city, Genoa, in the shop "Ideando da a mersâ", open from some months in Dottesio 54R, Sampierdarena!

Ideando da a mersâ
Via Dottesio 54R
Sampierdarena - Genova

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

CartEssenza on "Bene Insieme" magazine ♥

Hello everyone, finally I'm back on this blog...better late than never! I'll tell you the truth: to manage web channels and the entire project while traveling between two countries is not really easy, but I'm trying ;)
In these months of absence there have been a lot of news and bit by bit I'll tell you all.

I start with the article on the December issue of "Bene Insieme", the Conad Supermarket's magazine with national circulation, in which they talk even about CartEssenza:

You can browse the whole magazine at this link: "Bene Insieme" Dicembre 2013 (I'm at page 41!)

Thanks to Erika for thinking of me ♥

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