Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Irish Inspirations/1: Water and sky - Lough Neagh

Hi to all,
who knows me personally knows even that this year I had the possibility to pass one month in the beautiful Northern Ireland: I arrived here on the 1st and I'll be back to Italy on the 29th of August, to end this year of pause I decided to take to raise my energies and ideas.
Without a doubt to live for this period in such a marvellous place is giving me really a lot of inspirations: I decided to share some of them with you, followers of CartEssenza's blog, posting some photos of my days here :)

This is the beautiful Lough Neagh, the huge lake in the middle of Northern Ireland:

From Wikipedia:
An old Irish story tells how the Lough was formed when Ireland's legendary giant Fionn mac Cumhaill (Finn McCool) scooped up a portion of the land and tossed it at a Scottish rival. He missed, and the chunk of earth landed in the Irish Sea, thus creating the Isle of Man.


Lough Neagh Discovery Centre, Oxford Island National Nature Reserve

Leggi il post in italiano!

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