Thursday, September 6, 2012

CartEssenza is from now a registered trademark! But why you should register a trademark?

Hi to everyone,
today I want to share with you a step I feel is really important for my work: form yesterday I own, finally, the document that says CartEssenza (name and logo) is a trademark of my property! More than a year ago I sent the registration request (so protection was already working), but I can't hide that to have the document in my hands is really exciting ;)
To celebrate I obviously created the new avatar for all CartEssenza's social media channels:

A lot of you, when I announced on Facebook that the trademark CartEssenza is finally mine, asked me the same question:

Is it worth to register your trademark?

My answer is YES.
In my country, Italy, the Italian General Office on Trademarks' site says that (I'm not going to translate all the part that's on the italian version since every country has its own laws on that), but mostly I say that too cause of my horrible personal experience: more than a year ago, in fact, a collague segnaled me the work of a person who stole a big part of one of my designs and also a part of my name and trademark. I'm not telling you how much that hurt me personally, but I can testify the powerlessness I felt facing the legal actions to take up - long and with uncertain outcome - to try to have back what was mine.
In fact even the Italian General Office on Trademark says that you can own a trademark registering it or just using it, but the simple use is not a great protection when it comes to bad times.

Said this, you'll now understand why I decided to register my name and logo as fast as I could: I love my project, even if sometimes we argue; I want to take it with me and protect it so things like this will never happen anymore. In every CartEssenza's creation there is work and research on quality and design, but even a little part of my days, my moods, my thoughts and my dreams: all these things are precious and they deserve to not be forged.

I'm not writing words on my personal experience I talked you before cause they would be useless. At the end, if I think on it, all this meanness transformed in a great step for my project, and today is what is more important to me.

To conclude, so I advice you, if you really believe in what you do, to register and protect your work so that no one can damage you (and maybe make you feel so bad that you think there's no hope in this ambient, country, universe).
Don't ask me how to register trademarks cause I'll not reply: there are a lot of professionals who know more than me on that (it's their work, not mine!) and I've been helped by one of these (my thanks to you, Claudia, will be never enough!), you have to ask to someone qualified and professional...always! ;)

And now, let's say "Evviva" for me and CartEssenza...we deserve this, don't you think? ;)

Leggi il post in italiano!


  1. good to keep in mind...thanks for sharing and congrats!

  2. Thank you very much Ildiko, I hope it can be useful to share so the thing happened to me will not happen to others :)

    See you soon and *happiness*: you are the first one commenting on the english version of my blog! :D


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