Monday, November 19, 2012

CartEssenza's Online Shop: finally open!

Too much cold to go out of home? Too far to come to meet me?
My favourite verb in this period is "to simplify", so:
I'm happy to introduce the new CartEssenza's online shop, that you can find at the link

I'm still updating the shop, but you can find already available some of the most known CartEssenza's works:
- "Bottoni" Brooches Big and Mid
- "I Tondi" Brooches to buy singularly or in 3 matching pieces at a special price

- "Gattino" Brooche

- "I Tondi" Rings Big and Small

"Big Heart CartEssenza" Pendant and Earrings
...take a look at it! ;)

Leggi il post in italiano!

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