Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day! Let's celebrate Love and a new collaboration ♥

February 14th is here, if you like it or not: in last hours the web has been invaded by an escalation of posts on it, from those that already organized for romantic dinners and those who, on the other hand, are ironical about their being single.
Talking about me, even if mostly on Valentine's Day I'm like Grinch on Christmas, I have to say that this year I've been good: I wrote more than a week ago the Valentine's post and today I double my wishes. There are two motivations for this...

The first one is that I present you the birth of a new collaboration with a person I really like: the images of this post have been created by the awesome illustrator Sara Elan Donati, with whom CartEssenza hopes to walk a good bit of its way together...:)

Illustration: Sara Elan Donati - Pendant: "Big Heart CartEssenza"

The second motivation is simple: I really believe that, to dispel all the negativity of the period, this year we are in need of Love...more Love, indeed.

Illustration: Sara Elan Donati - Necklace and earrings: "Big Heart CartEssenza"

And so, since we are so much in need of Love, let's take a day to go out of schemes and let's celebrate it in all its forms:

happy Valentine's Day to all those in love with their sweet half, best wishes for a million of these happy days;
happy Valentine's Day to those who are not unrequited and to those who love secretly, because you need courage to gift a piece of you without wanting anything back;
happy Valentine's Day to those who love their life, in couple or alone, easy or complicated, because every day, even if sometimes it's difficult to realize it, they wake up with a smile;
happy Valentine's Day to all those that pursue a goal, a project, a dream with passion and dedition because even this is Love and they show us where firm sentiments can lead;
happy Valentine's Day even to all those that, for any motivation, today cannot hold each other, but they will think to the other a lot...♥

Thanks to Sara Elan Donati for the images, I invite you to visit the links below to support her work, that shares with mine that little thing that, despite all, moves the world: you can call it dreaming, or passion, or simply, indeed...Love ;)

SaraElan Illustration - Site 
SaraElan Illustration - Blog
SaraElan Illustration - Portfolio
SaraElan Illustration - Become a Fan on Facebook
 Leggi il post in italiano!

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